Virtual Front Office

Virtual Front Office

DialDesk offers you a cost-smart solution for virtual front office.

The cloud telephonic system takes care of all your call needs and interacts with callers instantly. The amazing thing is that you can actually lower your cost by not hiring any front office manager and simultaneously can receive all the calls directed to your numbers. Now monitoring all business calls become easily manageable and exciting.

Featured Services

Work Flow Management

It's time to scale up your productivity with effective work flow management. Defining the flow of calls is easier and manageable. The calls can be easily routed within your own internal department catering to different requirements of customers. Therefore the analysis of any bottlenecks can be done easily and focusing on the more productive area is now possible. The entire work flow management can be time based, department wise and based on the need created.

Escalation Matrix

There is a proper escalation matrix in our working system. Different levels or hierarchies can be created smoothly to get the work completed within a stipulated time period. Any complaint of a given category will be assigned to the first level by default. If however, the same is not resolved, it will pass on to the next hierarchy. This is to make sure that there is a seamless work flow system. The escalation window keeps record of all the actions taken at different point of time.

Cloud CRM

With cloud CRM, it's easier to grow your business. We make it easier for all users to access information at any point of time. As the information is being stored in the cloud, you can actually pull out the relevant information about your customers such as calls received, customers response, voice logs etc. which makes the process hassle-free and seamlessly comfortable.

SOP Management

With our Standard operating process, each department can have its own flow of standardized working. This is to ensure that the compliance standards are effectively met, productivity is increased by defining TAT, the procedure of working is safe and secure to use, and finally everything is scheduled properly to track all the working system.

IVRS Support

Our state of the art Interactive Voice Response System is flawlessly and precisely designed for automatically answering the phone calls using pre-recorded menus & prompts. It efficiently responds to the inputs entered by the callers and fast accessibility and receptiveness to our dedicated team of customer care.

Live Report

Make a hit with getting real time live reports. There is a huge statistics which is being displayed once you log in to the assigned dashboard. You can get a complete report on different analysis aspects and so on. Whatever the dimension you want to track, we have the solution.

SMS and Email Gateway Integration

The SMS and email gateway integration is just amazing and super easy to customize. The customer can himself set the welcome messages and can readily transfer the email, SMS or both to the concerned department.

Customer Care Number

Diverse Options to Interact With Your Valued Customer. You have the liberty of choosing from a vast range of Toll Free, UAN, Mobile, and Landline to assist your valued customers.

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